“As a professionally qualified and experienced presenter in English and Japanese, I'm passionate about helping my clients overcome any language, intercultural or communication barriers. Enjoy the success of your event, and leave it to me to get your messages across smoothly.”

Haruka Shinno




Wedding reception, grand opening events, gala dinner, award presentations, corporate events, entertaiment events, tourism events etc.



Product launch, tradeshow presenter.

Voice over / Narration

Voice over / Narration

Voice-over for your Japanese and English audio visual needs.


It was a pleasure to co-MC with Haruka. Haruka is an incredibly talented bilingual professional. Very polished in either English and Japanese. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any type of MC work.

Peter Gibson

Executive Advisor Tokyo 2020 Australian Olympic Committee


Yukiko Hirano

JCS Rainbow Project Presiden


Ayumi Mizoshiri

Director Pty Ltd

Can't thank Haruka enough for bringing my script to life with her right modulation, voice intensity, adaptation of rhythm of speech and more importantly her 'easy going' attitude to work with. I look forward to working with Haruka soon, and I'd recommend her to anyone in need of a bilingual Japanese-English MC and or (VO)Voice over calls. Arigato!

Löeby Lovato

Director/Media Manager/PM

今回はスタッフ管理システム及び打刻システムの説明動画でのナレーション依頼をさせてもらいました。とても綺麗な英語と日本語で大変感動しました。クライアントからも、とてもクリアでわかりやすい説明と聞きました。次もぜひお願いしたいと思っています。 ありがとうございました😊

Hideki Konno

Avain Australia


Maki Watabe

Account Planning Manager, doq Pty Ltd

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